LRHybrid100 Website

Diary of the build of my Land Rover Defender 100"

This project came about as a dream of many years to build in my eyes was the ultimate Land Rover Defender.

The original plan was unleashed a couple of years ago when I started with a 1985 Range Rover and a mix of early 110 and Series Body panels as were most great Hybrid builds.

However, after many months of hard work on the chassis I was not happy with what I had before me. What I wanted was a Defender 100" and not a Land Rover Hybrid - some may argue these are the same thing!!!

So a plan was hatched to sell the Rangie to a mate who wanted to build a Series 1 Hybrid and buy a D110 chassis.

The Chassis

Shortened Chassis

How the Chassis was shortened

Shortened Rear Tub

Body Mock ups