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Build Details and mods on my Land Rover MY02 D110 Xtreme

I wanted to build a Touring vehicle for "The BIG Trip" in 2008 and have a vehicle for touring around in Australia for holidays etc.

I looked at 2003+ Discos but I wanted a basic vehicle I could customise to fit what I needed and this was easier with the Defender. The Land Rover Defender 110 has been successfully used all over the world as an expedition vehicle, amongst the many of its duties.

In June 2007 I found my perfect base vehicle - one owner, full Land Rover Service history, extended warranty and a list of accessories

The Original vehicle

Mod 1: Sola-tint

Mod 2: Milford Cargo Barrier

Mod 3: DWE Rear Ladder

Mod 4: DWE EGR Removal Kit

Mod 5: DWE Silicon Hoses

Mod 6: D110 HD Front Springs

Mod 7: Traxide Dual Battery Install

Mod 8: Rear Wheel Carrier

Mod 9: Headlight Protectors

Mod 10: Rhino Racks

Mod 11: Polaris side awning

Mod 12: Traxide Headlight wiring upgrade

Mod 13: Nite Stalker 180XP Roo Lights

Mod 14: Anodised Chequer Plate

Mod 15: Reversing Lights

Mod 16: DWE Sliders

Mod 17: DWE Lightbar

Mod 18: Hippo Liner

Mod 19: Insulation

Mod 20: Total Rover Tech ECU upgrade

Mod 21: Front Seat Rebuild

Mod 22: Outback Roof Console

Mod 23: Stereo and Speaker upgrade

Mod 24: Wheels and tyres

Mod 25: Electronic Brake Controller

Mod 26: Total Rover Tech Intercooler upgrade

Mod 27: Storage

Mod 28: Winch with Sythetic rope

Mod 29: DWE Rear bumperettes

Mod 30: Steering upgrade and protection

Mod 31: Cruise Control

Mod 32: MudPod and guages

Mod 33: Coil Rites

Mod 34: Underbody protection