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We all know the Defenders are not the quietest vehicles on the road - then add roofrack and Mud tyres, so I find a need to so some insulating for both Sound and Heat.

I have followed all the discussions on this subject and took it up myself to go down to
Clark Rubber and get some of their heat & sound insulation - having checked out all my door seals etc etc.

So starting from the top I will will be installing the insulation to the underside of the roof under the roof lining and this what I did:

First of all I started to strip the back of the interior out and the roof lining:

Part Naked!!!

Fully naked:

I cut the insulation to about 800mm lenghts and then trimmed to size:

Being careful of the wiring I used Bostic contact adhesive on both the roof (best rollered on) and on the insulation:

Using another small roller I smoothed out the edges and creases so it all sits flat on the roof panel:

and this is how to wash the Defender interior!!!

High pressure hot water !!!!

Painted this panel off the car and Sikaflexed all the edges before screwing it all down and cleaned up any overfill:

Then using the same Form Shield I started cutting out to cover all the remaining panels, putting the Ali side to the heat sources:

Put the original carpet back over the Form Shield - again using Contact adhesive on both sides:

Form Shield cut out for the rear cargo area:

Original mat went back in over the top:

Cut out some Form Shield to cover the seat boxes:

And under the seatbox lids:

Fitted all the trim panels back in:

I have a false floor in place of the rear seats - this also got a coat of Hippo liner:

Replace all the factory rubber matting back over the insulation:

To be continued

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