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We all know the rear doors on Series and Defenders have their problems, particularly when fitting bigger and heavier tyres hanging off the back of them.

As the D110 is my tourer and will be doing many Kms of corrugations I wanted to try and help preserve my rear door.

I have a Bearmach (BA132) rear wheel carrier which was for my D100 but the D110 needed it more urgently, only problem my D110 is an MY02 - with the upgraded 1 piece door and the rear wheel carrier was for the pre MY02 model so mods were needed. So here goes:

Rear Door internals:

Rear Door externals:

and with the door card removed:

I got a piece of 6mm Ali cut to a size of 450 x 300 mm and marked out the holes using the carrier as a template:

The carrier was bolted up as per instructions - bolting to the rear cross member and the upper rear tub:

The Ali plate was bolted up and the rubber stopper marked out where the pivot point of the wheel carrier came closest to the body:

Door end of the carrier was bolted through the Ali and the door after removing the central locking mech to one side - took me some time to drill a nicely painted door:

Put the central locking mech back in:

Rear Carrier then all bolted up and all mounts checked:

and spare wheel mounted back on - notice the wheel now sits to the drivers side giving better viewing as a driver but it may have issues with the jacking point:

So there you are!!! All done in an evening over a few beers.

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