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Diary of 300 TDI install into the Range Rover - Updated 05.06.2005

This project came about as the 3.5 V8 motor was down on compression and needed some work. I was going to replace it with a 3.9 V8 motor from a late model Disco, when an opportunity arose from the VIC 4WD show to buy a panel damaged 1997 Disco TDI Auto.

The Plan was to transfer the body from the RR to the Disco Chassis and running gear, however this was not acceptable to the RTA or my engineer - so plan 2 was to use the chassis of the RR and all the mechanicals off the Disco.

The aim was to have a reliable vehicle for weekends, possible events but not to be too worried over the bashability of an expensive vehicle.

Day 1 - Remove RR body from Chassis

Day 2 - Strip Disco Engine bay

Day 3 - Remove V8 and Auto box

Day 4 - Rained out!!!

Day 5 - Remove TDI and Auto box

Day 6 - Remove and build mounts

Day 7 - Strip the chassis

Day 8 - Paint the chassis

Day 9 - Remove Disco Front Axel

Day 10 - Remove Disco Rear Axel

Day 11 - Rolling chassis

Day 12 - Cam belt replacement

Day 14 - Body Mounts

Day 15 - Rebuild RR Engine bay

Day 16 - Plumbing

Day 17 - Lubrication

Day 18 - Front Axel

Day 19 - Brake Callipers & heater hoses

Day 20 - Wiring

Day 21 - Brakes and Steering

Day 22 - Heater Hoses

Day 23 - Front Hub breathers and speedo driver

Day 24 - Disco Interior

Day 25 - V8 Airbox re-engineering

Day 26 - Oil Pressure gauge and new steering wheel

Day 27 - Up and running

Next stop engineering certificate and Rego insprection - All passed and back on the road.

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