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Diary of 300 TDI install into the Range Rover - Updated 02.05.2005

Day 14 Body Mounts

Well today was yet another busy day - winching my RR onto a car trailer at 6.30am and not waking the neighbours was difficult!!

Well she left this morning on the trailer:

Before putting the chassis under the body I removed all the old body mounts - as you need to used the metal plates / spacer plate with the body kit. The body kit I used was a Graeme Cooper one, here in Sydney, which provides new genuine rubber mounts / longer bolts / alloy spacer.

The body lift kit is very easy to fit even while the body is still on the chassis.

Here is the rear mount and the alloy spacer:

And the front mounts:

and after a couple of hours the body was back on.

THX to Larry, again!!!, as he retrieved my RR after the body was back on.

What a wonderful site - 2 TDI's!!!