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Diary of 300 TDI install into the Range Rover - Updated 02.05.2005

Day 16 Plumbing

I wanted to keep all the Disco air con system - as an upgrade to the aging RR one.

However the mounting panel was slightly different, so I used the Disco one - just drilled out the spot welds, painted the panel and bolted it all back up. As you can see it all goes back together well.

As the body was lifted by 1" I needed to lower the auto oil cooler by 1"

The Disco 300 TDI radiator mounted to the chassis in the same location as the V8 EFI RR one, but then found that the TDI one was not as wide - the rubber strips were not touching the radiator on the sides.

I drilled out the rivets on each side and relocated them closer in.