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Diary of 300 TDI install into the Range Rover - Updated 02.05.2005

Day 21 Brakes and Steering

Because I now have a 1" bodylift / 2" spring lift / 32" BFG MT I wanted to have longer brake lines to allow for more articulation without stretching the rubber lines.

I was going to buy some custom braided lines - but cost $100 each, and I need 5 lines.

My second and prefered option was to extend the current steel lines by 3" and replace the Standard brake lines with off the shelf after market lines (about $20 each). The lower bracket that the standard lines are connected to is from the Disco - just re-located 3" lower than standard.

The picture is a bit skew here but it allows for an additional 3" in travel and does not hinder the front coils.

Now to the rear, again the rear single rubber line was replaced with an off the shelf after market item ($20) - this turned out to be 1" longer then the original line.

Here you can see the line enters from the rear and then goes to each axel.

After disconnecting the union I bent the bracket on the axel through 90 degrees and bolted the union back on after reversing it 180 degrees - line now approaches directly from the body.

The combined relocation of the line and the extra length in the replacement line should allow for an additional 2" in travel and does not fowl on any other parts.

The steering column linkage I am using is from the original RR - there are enough adjustments in the linkages to allow for the body lift. I did notice when removing the linkage that the rubber flexible mount was cracked, so I ordered a new one (part number NTC3486 - about $30)

I am cetainly glad I was planning on repacing the rubber flexible mount - this is the "crack" I had!!! With no real pressure the thing just split in two - this could have been while I was driving!!!