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Diary of 300 TDI install into the Range Rover - Updated 02.06.2005

Day 22 Heater Hoses

I wanted to keep as many parts as possible as the standard LR items, so I investigated the possibility of using the factory RR TDI hoses only to find they were the same as the Disco ones. The revised soft dash RR with the factory seemed to used the same firewall as the Disco 1.

So I decided to used the RR V8 hoses and make some copper fittings to be used with the cut down RR V8 hoses.

This is the one that goes onto the 300 TDI cylinder head:

As you can see this is the one that goes to the water pump via the tube on top of the cylinder head.

And both fitted, tight squeeze on the hear matrix pipes on the firewall - mainly due to me using the Disco firewall blanket to reduce some of the diesel noise from the cabin.