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Diary of 300 TDI install into the Range Rover - Updated 02.06.2005

Day 25 V8 Airbox re-engineering

I had looked around the LR family of vehicles and engines and finalised on re-using my V8 EFI airbox.

Some of the reasonings - I already had one, cheap replacement paper elements and I could build with a snorkel install in mind at a later date. The snorkel will be 3" exhaust pipe bent to follow the passenger windscreen and enter the engine bay via the decker panel.

My mate Mark at then made the input to the airbox 3" bore for the later snorkel and 2.75" with various bends to mate upto the original flexible input pipe at the breather connector. Works a treat.

As I wanted to install a second battery for winching and keeping the beers cold we extended the PAS pump resevoir mount by 80mm.

And there she is fully installed