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Diary of 300 TDI install into the Range Rover - Updated 05.06.2005

Day 26 Oil Pressue gauge and new Steering Wheel

While I had invested so much time and money into this project, I thought it just to maintain the standard and keep an eye out on all the important working parts - for this I will install an oil pressure guage / turbo boost pressure / a volt metre for each battery / EGT gauge [Pyrometer]

To start with I wanted to install the oil pressure guage. After some investigation we found the tread on a 300 TDI oil pressure sender unit was M10 and most after market guages are 1/8 NPT.

I spoke to my local VDO gauges supplier and found that they sell a T piece that allows the use of a 1/8 NPT electrical oil pressure gauge while retaining the original LR idiot light.

Interesting to find that the 1/8 NPT is a tapered tread and should NOT used any form of tape as it could lead to an incorrect reading due to the tape - this is the same for water temp sender. The advice given was to use a copper washer or at least a fibre washer when installing the T piece. The T piece and both senders were installed an tightend accordingly.

I bought a Momo copy steering wheel from ebay ($54) and the boss kit cost me $75 from my regular parts suppliers!!! - go figure!!!