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Diary of 300 TDI install into the Range Rover - Updated 02.05.2005

Day 6 Remove and build mounts

Well Day 6 started well, sunshine and progressing with the chassis mounts:

The mounts were all sourced from a damaged D110 / 300 TDI chassis I have in parts.

The first job was to cut out the mounts from the D110 chassis:

Then to dry fit them:

and tack weld them into position:

then remeasure - only to find that D110 chassis are slightly narrower than a Disco / RR chassis and I hadn't taken this into consideration - this was the low point in the day.

We worked out that its about 8mm out - so we made some plates out of 4mm sheet, welded these onto the chassis and then the D110 engine mounts - VOILA!!!

As you can see we were loosing light on the last photos - so will re take them in the morning, but we did dry fit the motor - fitted perfectly.

Hope this good weather holds out, so the project can be finalise on time - but not within original budget!!!