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Tanami Desert

Over 1,000kms of dirt roads through the Tanami Desert to get from Alice Springs to the Kimberley Region - we could have driven further North to Katherine and then down to the WA border, but we wanted the adventure of one of the most remote roads in the world!!!

This was camp on night one, at Mount Doreen - amazing skies with no lights for hundreds of Kms

The only company around was thousands and thousands of termite mounds.

and the odd dingo:

Rabbit Flat Roadhouse, famous in 4WD circles as the most remote roadhouse in the world - no signs of the infamous shotgun, owners were rather pleasant

This was where the fun really started - this section of the Tanami Road was the worst we have encountered yet, potholes the size of cars and the surprise bulldust holes kept you on your toes for a couple of hundred Kms.

The sign says it all:

Camping at Wolfe Creek, and no we still have not seen the movie!!!

Wolfe Creek meteor site:

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