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Coober Pedy

This is the inside of the Serbian Church, Coober Pedy which has been tunnelled out of the rocks:

The stained glass is the outside of the rocks

The outside of one of the first houses built underground into the rocks:

The same view from the other side of the front door - this was the first room ever dug out for this home:

One of the underground bedrooms:

An old blower machine that was used to suck up rocks to the surface of the mines - like a large vacuum cleaner:

Mark doing some mining at the Old Timers mine:

The "Big Winch" - local icon

Views over Coober Pedy, over 80% of the population live underground with a constant temperature all year round.

Views over the Breakaways:

You see some strange things in the middle of the desert:

Views over the Painted Desert - well worth the bad road conditions:

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