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Chinese Painting Artist

Thanh Duong was born in Cholon, Vietnam. Her family originally came from Fujian Province in China. After arriving in Australia in 1980 and completing tertiary studies in Computing, she renewed her art interest and studied Lingnan style Chinese Painting in 1989 with the well-known artist Patrick Lam. She completed the Diploma of Visual Arts in 2008 and her BA in Fine Art at Monash University Melbourne in 2012.
Thanh has performed many demonstrations and workshops for artists' societies and schools. Thanh's work has been exhibited at many group exhibitions and solo exhibitions. Exhibitions of her work have been held in America, Canada, China, Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Australia. She has been awarded prizes and Merits for her drawing and paintings. Her works have been collected by many public organizations and private collections in USA, China, Hong Kong and Australia.
Thanh uses a painting style called Lingnan, a modern interpretation of Chinese painting with emphasis on simple strokes and liberal use of colours on rice paper. Thanh's interpretations of nature include flowers, birds, animals, fish and landscapes. She is attracted to this style because of its simplicity and colour and because of her feeling for nature.

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