Renewing contacts

When Jes and Peter left Mjels they left behind six brothers and sisters – Anna Marie who was then 21, Ida Margarethe, 17, Thora,15, Marie Catherine,12, Anna, 8 and Hans 5. Anna Maria married a Didriksen and moved to Sondeborg, Ida married Claus Christen Torre in 1884 and their youngest son Claus Clausen married another Jessen, Maren, but not closely related to Ida’s family. Thora followed Jes and Peter to Tasmania after her marriage but the others stayed close to Mjels.

Ida’s grand-daughter Karen Eriksen renewed contact with the Tasmanian branch of the family. The relationship was re-established due to earlier correspondence between Thora Bonde and Ann Marie Jessen and the youngest Torre daughter Margarethe who had married Jes Gustenhof in 1920. When Ann Marie died in 1941 Denmark was again occupied by Germany and communication ceased. None of her family could write Danish and so links could not be re-established after 1945. Although Thore, ‘Granny Bonde’, also died before the War ended there were sufficient links remaining for the Bondes to re-establish contact through the Gustenhofs.

Towards the end of her life Thore was nursed by her grand daughter Thora Risby who learnt the names of some of her danish relatives. In 1963 she went to Denmark and later met Karen Eriksen.

Ida Margarethe Torre (nee Jessen)

The Torre/Gustenhof family.
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