The first member of my family arrived in Hobart in 1822 in charge of a detachment of the 3rd Regiment of the British Army. Later he returned to become the second commandant of the Sarah Island convict station in Macquarie Harbour. After leaving this Island he led the 1825 expedition to found the first settlement in Victoria at Westernport.

Samuel Wright was typical of the first generation of Australian public administrators in the convict period. On the other had my great great grandfather, James Harrison, arrived as a boy convict and represents the other side of colonial life.

After my grandfather Percy Harrison was killed in World War I his widow married Lyndhurst Mervyn
Williams, known as Bill. Bill was a major influence on my life. His g grandmother Frances Williams was transported on the Lady Juliana and was one of the pioneer settlers of Norfolk Island.

My wife's family had been established in Sydney for more than twenty years before Captain Wright arrived in 1822. Some of Vicki's maternal ancestors have been there virtually from the first settlement. Her first Australian-born forebears were born in New South Wales before 1800. Her families include - Black, Moffit, Williams, Kentwell, Morris, Davis, Breakwell, Hughan, Jesson, Ryan, Morgan.
The Family Founders
I have extensive genealogical database of the four families that can be accessed by going to the this page.

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