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Thomas Williams II and Charlotte Kentwell were married at St John's Parramatta on 13 November 1820. Both fathers were dead and their mothers had remarried. Although Ann Moulds was blind she, and Elizabeth Thompkins, were still very much alive. The witnesses to the marriage were the bride's new step-father Thomas Thompkins and groom's married sister Mary Dale. Mary and John Dale were among the earliest settlers of Dural. Their house was on the Pye grant and stood a little north of the present Anglican cemetery. By 1842 John Dale had 31 acres under cultivation.
Charlotte had spent the last eleven years in the Orphanage and the previous five years as an apprentice to the schoolmaster at Parramatta, John Eyre. Eyre had been one of a group of seven from the London Missionary Society who had been forced to leave Tahiti in 1810. In reward for her diligent service the Orphan School gave Charlotte ‘a good young cow’ as a wedding present. A year earlier Thomas had been granted lot 256 of 60 acres in the South Colah Parish located about 400 metres south of Round Corner on the eastern side of the Old Northern RD and bounded in the north by Franlee Rd. Two large camphor laurel trees still stand.

Their first child, John, was born in March 1822 at Seven Hills. Thomas III arrived in May 1824 but died before Christmas. We don’t know why the parents were in Seven Hills at this time but before the first girl, Elizabeth was born in November 1825 the family had moved to their Round Corner land at Dural. The 1828 Census records that Thomas now had half the 60 acres cultivated, and he owned two horses and eighteen cows. At that time he and Charlotte (then aged 26) had three living children - John aged 6, Elizabeth 3, and Ann was just 8 months. Between 1826 and 1846 Thomas and Charlotte had another nine children, they were registered as being born in Castle Hill or Dural. When their eighth child, Mary, was born on New Year's day 1837 Thomas described himself as a farmer of Dural. Later he was described as a squatter but by 1859 he was a substantial landholder both in the town of Parramatta and the surrounding district. He had expanded his initial land at Round Corner to include most of the land on both sides of the Old Northern Rd between Castle Hill and Dural.

John Williams had managed his father's holdings in the Lachlan district and there married Margaret Fitzgerald. When seventeen Elizabeth married George Hunt and they lived as farmers at Dural. Her sister Ann did not marry until 1861 when she was thirty-three, they lived nearby. Charlotte II married Reubon Smith in 1851 when she was twenty-one, she lived in Parramatta until Reubon died in 1869. Four years later she married a widower, John Catt, and moved to North Rocks. Hannah married in 1850 a bounty migrant Henry Cusbert and they lived on Portion 43 in Castle Hill situated between Old Northern and Kenthurst Roads at Round Corner. Thomas IV moved to Melbourne where he married in 1857. Harriet married an Englishman in Dural in 1861. Sarah and Maria died as children. The youngest child, William married Martha Wood and lived at Dural as an orchardist.

The twelve children of Thomas Williams II and Charlotte Kentwell were:

The twelve children of Thomas Williams II and Charlotte Kentwell were
Name Born Married Died Children
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John 2 March 1822 1841 Margaret Fitzgerald Feb. 1855. 6
Thomas III 23 May 1824 Dec. 1824

Born Married Died Children
John 2 Mar 1822 1841 Margaret Fitzgerald Feb. 1855. 6
Thomas III 23 May 1824 Dec. 1824
Elizabeth 26 Nov 1825 1842 George Hunt Jun 1902 6
Ann 14 Feb 1828 1861 Joseph Cavillon Jun 1901 5
Charlotte 10 May 1830 1851 Reubon Smith Jul 1919 9
1873 John Catt 1
Hannah 6 Oct. 1832 1850 Henry Cusbert Dec 1874 9
Thomas IV 2 Dec. 1834 1857 Mary Amelia Hickey 9
Mary 7 Jan. 1837 1856 Henry George Black Sept. 1907 9
Harriet 22 Oct. 1838 1861 Samuel Crawford 13
Sarah 11 April 1841 1850
Maria S 14 Oct 1843 1849
William E 16 Jun 1846. 1868 Martha Wood May 1919 10
Thomas William II died aged eighty on 30 May 1879. Charlotte died two years later aged 79 on 8 May 1881 at Parramatta. They are buried together in a substantial grave in St John's Churchyard. In the next grave is their eldest son John who died at Wagga and his sixth child George. In this family one boy died as an infant, two daughters died aged six and ten. The eldest child, John, died as a young man after he had married and had six children the others children lived lengthy lives. Thomas and Charlotte Williams had seventy-seven grand-children.