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  1. Write a "replace duplicate files with links" program (for things like the Background pictures)
  2. Install MoinMoin version 2 on albens, and setup as Hurst-Stevens family archive, and also church wiki.
    1. completed download and succesfully run localhost version
    2. installed mod_wsgi
    3. need to check what Flask needs to go into production mode
    4. familiarize myself with the new look and feel

How The Web Pages were One

These web pages have gone through a number of interations. This Web Page documents the story.


My current (rented) house uses a 114.6Mbps download/2.4Mbps upload internet connection (Telstra Broadband Cable). See the Telstra Connection Speed Test to check your connection. Mind you, the modem used is a Telstra Gateway Max, which has had some very bad reviews ! My experience mirrors those described in those pages. My own workaround is to set up static IPs for the local network in the network connection configurations (System Preferences->Network on Macs, UP-DOWN icon->Edit Connections on Linux). But safe to say, I don't think we will switch our Bigpond connection across to our old house when we return.

My old house (being renovated) used a 2.9Mbps download/0.74Mbps upload internet connection (Internode ADSL2+), using a Billion 7800N modem, which worked fine throughout its lifetime (in contrast to Telstra!)

A very nice Christmas present form my son was a Brother MFC L8600CDW colour laser printer, which is networked across the house, and provides the main printing facilty (although there are other inkjet and laser printers around).

I have a range of computers. Keeping track of them (and maintaining them!) can be a headache. So I've started compiling a list of current machines. There are also a number of web servers (such as the one you are reading right now on The general principle used to name them is

  1. railway junctions in Victoria (on-site and laptops)
  2. eucalyptus trees (off-site)
  3. disused railway stations in Paris (micro-computers)
Here is a list of the computers/servers, their URLs, DNS sites, use and model:

Server Name Use Model System URL DNS
albens Off-site server virtual linux box leased from Digital Ocean, Ubuntu 14.04 IP:
auteuil chook house controller
(not in use during renovations)
Beagle Bone Black Ubuntu ? IP: -
bittern laptop
(available, not in regular use)
Apple MacBook Pro 15" OSX 10.6.8 IP: -
dimboola Mac OSX desktop system Apple iMac 27" OSX 10.6.8 IP: (local) -
echuca Ubuntu desktop system Apple iMac 21" Ubuntu 16.04 IP: -
eregnans church wiki server ( virtual linux box leased from Rackspace, Ubuntu 14.04 IP:
fat-controller train computer
(currently powered off)
Pentium Ubuntu ? IP: -
flinders old house server
Dell R90 Ubuntu 14 -
hamilton current laptop Apple MacBook Pro (Retina 13") OSX 10.10.5 IP: -
lilydale spare laptop ACER Aspire S7 11" Ubuntu 14.04 IP: -
spencer Main home server Silverstone RM720 with ASUS Z170-AR motherboard Ubuntu 16.04 IP:
wolseley General purpose system
(currently powered off)
HP Compaq Ubuntu 13.10 IP: -
Virtual server maintained by Digital Oceans. Used for off-site serving, mail and various maintenance tasks.
old laptop (infrequent use)
My home desktop iMac (Mac OSX 10.6.8) This is now used only for archival purposes, and is to be decommissioned (or turned into a Linux box).
My home desktop iMac (Ubuntu 16.04) Desktop machine of preference.
RackSpace virtual Linux box (Ubuntu), maintained to supply wiki services to the Glen Waverley Uniting Church: My own use for this machine is residual - all regular data storage and web-serving is now done by albens.
An old Intel box running an old version of Ubuntu. Used to control the model railway, but decommissioned until the railway is restored.
Decommissioned. A Dell R90 system, noisy as all get-out, and died recently with a memory fault that is fixable, but we cannot be bothered. Now being cannabalised for spare cards.
new laptop. Much lighter than bittern, and used in preference to it. Has Ubuntu running as a virtual machine under Mac OSX.
Interesting history. Bought explicitly to run Linux, and to be used as my regular laptop. But I found the trackpad and keyclick very frustrating to use, and it saw service as the house computer for a year or so. Now back in service as a laptop, but not regularly used.
disk farm and house server. A 40TB (6TBx4 + 8TBx2 drives) butter fs system is used in a RAID1 configuration to store all household data and backups for other machines. It also houses a number of other smaller disks for use in day-to-day use (e.g., TV and Photographs)
Previously used as a house server. Now too slow for much at all, and currently powered off.

Hints and Fixes

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For Mac OSX (10.6.8)

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