A guide to using CDex [v0.71, 2010-05-10]

by Jason Antony


Welcome. This guide aims to help you convert your CDs to MP3 using CDex.

In keeping with CDex’s philosophy, this guide strives to be straightforward and easy to use — in other words, maximal quality with minimal effort.

Things to get

You need to download the following:

  1. The latest stable version of CDex, from the official CDex website
  2. The latest stable version of LAME [bundle], from the Rarewares MP3 page

Things to do

  1. Install CDex.
  2. Extract lame_enc.dll from the LAME bundle into the CDex directory, overwriting the existing file.

Main window

CDex main window

Fire up CDex. You should be presented with the above window.

Now either press F4 or the above button circled in red. This will bring up CDex’s configuration dialog. Click on the Generic tab.

Generic settings

CDex generic settings
  1. Temp directory: Click the circled button and select a folder on a drive or partition that has plenty of free space.
  2. ID3 Tag version: Select ID3-V2.
  3. Track number format: select 0 N / 0 TN here.

Filenames settings

CDex filenames settings
  1. Filename format: type in %A\(%Y) %2\%7 - %4.
  2. WAV -> MP3 and Recorded tracks: select the folder which you wish you save your MP3s to.
  3. Split trackname to Artist, Track using split character: Tick the checkbox.
  4. File Name format: Type in %A\(%Y) %2\%2.
  5. Add files to M3U playlist: Tick the checkbox.

CD Drive settings

CDex CD drive settings
  1. Ripping method: select Paranoia, Full.

Encoder settings

CDex encoder settings
  1. Encoder: select Lame MP3 Encoder (version x.xx, engine x.xx MMX).
  2. Quality: select --alt-preset fast standard.
  3. Output sample rate: Select Auto. Do NOT change anything else.

Remote CDDB settings

CDex remote CDDB settings
  1. Your e-mail address: Enter an e-mail address. It need not be your real one as long as it follows the username@domain.com format.
  2. Timeout (seconds): Type in 60 if your internet connection is slow.

Ripping a CD

Ripping a CD in CDex
  1. Insert your CD. If you’re connected to the net, press Remote FreeDB Query, else enter its details manually.
  2. Select all tracks by pressing Ctrl+A. Multiple tracks can be selected by holding down Ctrl. Hit F9 or Rip To Compressed File.

Now you’re rippin’!

Have fun and be excellent to each other.