Pastime With Good Company

Henry VIII (1491-1547)

"Pastime" is one of the most commonly-sung AICSA songbook pieces, and as such is a must-know for every AICSA chorister. Be careful of the change of rhythm with the clapping!

It was written by King Henry VIII of England. Some of the lyrics have changed from the original.

The Music

Here are midi (computer music) files for you to download and listen to (If you're using Microsoft Windows, simply click on the link and they should play automatically. If you're not using Windows, I'm going out on a limb and assuming you're technically competent enough to figure things out for yourself....).

Also note that there are midi files of each individual voice part for each piece, so you can hear what each one sounds like - especially your own!

These midi files should give you a fair idea of what each piece - and each individual voice part - sounds like, especially if you're unfamiliar with reading music.

And for those that would like to dowload a viewable and/or printable copy of the score (HINT: most people will want the PDF file; don't try to view the Postscript file unless you know what you're doing):

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