Our Cats

Babykins Choco D'licious

Chocolate Bicolour Male.  "Choccie"is the gentlest and most cuddly stud boy I've ever had. His kittens are just beautiful.

Cottonwood Koda

Chocolate Mitted Male. "Cody"is also a snugglekitty. He is very imposing, but very gentle. Loves bopping his head against your knee, and if you are sitting down it takes only seconds for him to claim your lap!

Bragdollz Sun Sprite

Seal tortie Bicolour girl. "Barbie"is a number one tart! She is incredibly affectionate, and a good mum. Her markings do make her look deceptively fine of features, but she is a lovely, long cat.


Furballz Nebula.

Seal Point girl. Lovely and playful. She is a very gentle and affectionate soul and has excellent eye colour.

Bragdollz Bella Diablo

Seal Point girl. Pictured here at only 4 months old. Hopefully will breed some beautiful kittens.



Bragdollz Daphne

Seal Tortie Point girl.  Daphne is Bella's sister (so is also 4 months old in this photo). Kept on because she's a big solid girl, and we would like to see how she grows out.

Bragdollz Allora

Seal Point girl. Lovely girl, great mum.










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