Kitten availability and Enquiries

We are a small cattery and only breed a small number of litters each year, out of which some kittens are specially selected to become loving family pets to adoptive families.

All our cats are registered with Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (Aust & Vic). That means the new owners will be provided with a copy of a pedigree showing their new baby's family tree. The pet kittens leave here at approximately 10-12 weeks of age, They are vaccinated , microchipped, flea treated and wormed, house trained, are also neutered before leaving.

They are also accompanied to their new home by a booklet with all paperwork included, and leave here with six weeks of complimentary pet health accident and illness insurance.

We do occasionally send kittens to breeder homes. These kittens have a full certified pedigree and will be transferred into the new breeder's name with GCCF.  We can provide copies of certificates for each of our breeding cats, showing them as DNA negative to HCM and PKD. Our chocolate studs are DNA proven chocolates.

Ragdoll kittens are NOT toys.  They talk, they follow you around, and they will want your love and attention.   They cannot simply be tossed outside when you are sick of them.


2019; Due to confusion many have in interpreting the newly changed Domestic Animals Act legislation, we are not advertising individual kittens for sale, but please email us, as we may have litters available. We are registered on the Victorian Government's Pet Registry and have a soure number.

2019 Kittens.

Litter born end of April 2014, pictured just on 6 weeks. 
Litter born September 2013, pictured at 5 weeks. 
Bragdollz Amadeus. Perfect little seal bicolour boy.
Bragdollz Alani.  Seal mitted female with a wide blaze. Aren't I cute?
Bragdollz Adria.  Seal bicolour female. Very affectionate!
Bragdollz Abigail. Seal tortie bicolour female. Oh, we love to play!
Litter born January 2012 Pictured at 10 weeks
Bragdollz Odin. Lilac Bicolour male. Absolutely gorgeous!
Bragdollz Angelique. Seal Point female. Staying with us.
Bragdollz Matilda Bliss. Lilac Point female.
Bragdollz Chiquita. Chocolate Bicolour female.
Litter born late September 2012  pictured at 5 weeks
Bragdollz Bella Diablo  Seal Bicolour female.
Bragdollz Daphne. Seal Tortie Mitted. Little tart, just like her mum!
Bragdollz Amaryllis.  Blue Cream Tortie Mitted.  Very playful.
Bragdollz Rowan.   Red bicolour Male. Very affectionate and bouncy. 
Bragdollz Carnelian.  Possibly Cream bicolour Male.  Incredibly affectionate. Nicknamed 'Turtle', as from about 3 weeks of age he was rolling on his back and asking for belly rubs, purring his little head off!!  A real treasure. 
Litter born late September 2012
Bragdollz Achilles. Seal Point Male.
Bragdollz Hector. Seal Point Male. 
Bragdollz Abrianna. Seal Point Female.
Litter born early November 2011. Taken at 6 weeks.
Bragdollz Allora. Beautiful seal point girl.  Very nice eye colour. Staying here with us.
Bragdollz Amberlee. Sassy little seal point girl. The smallest newborn kitten I've ever seen, but gained so well that at six weeks was only 100g lighter than her sister.  Best friend for Cassie.
Bragdollz Brutus.  New family companion for Joan, soon to be a nomad.
Bragdollz Caesar. Seal point.  New boy in town in Cairns! Baby for Anne.
Litter born early October 2011 (Celebrating Christmas early) Photos taken at 7 1/2 weeks.
Bragdollz Icarus. Red point boy. Named for the sun, he is very active and sooooooo affectionate! Becoming fast best friend for Joel in Werribee
Bragdollz Adriana. Delightfully affectionate seal point girl. Constant companion for Lauren (Lozzy) in Melbourne
Bragdollz Antoinette. Sweet blue point girl. With her brother Armadio living with Diane in Hopetoun.
Bragdollz Aurora. Gorgeous blue mitted girl.  New playbaby for Geoff and Carly in Coleraine.
Bragdollz Armadio. Handsome and affectionate blue mitted boy. Living with Diane and Antoinette in Hopetoun.
Litter born early March 2011.
Bragdollz Adonis. Seal Mitted male with a blaze (teardrop). Very striking marking! Absolutely adorable, big purrs. Congrats to Alana!
Bragdollz Neptune. Blue Mitted male with blaze. Most adorable, very large kitten. He is the sort of kitten who can spend all day cradled in arms. Ever hypnotised a chicken? Works this this one too.  He is such a funny boy, loves to play and run but will bolt over for a cuddle and a pat from whoever is on hand.  Going to share the love with Shaun & family.
Bragdollz Jupiter. Blue Mitted male with blaze. Very cute!

Living in luxury with Karen in Adelaide.

Bragollz Venus. Blue Point female.

Living  with Anita and Luke .

Bragdollz Mercury. Blue Mitted male (no blaze, but has perfect mitt& socks).

Adopted by Andrew and Katrina near Geelong.

Litter born late Feb 2011. Photos taken at 8 weeks.
Bragdollz Aphrodite. Seal Tortie Bicolour female.  I love my torties, they have outstanding, outgoing nature.

Lap magnet for Blair near Warrnambool.

Bragdollz Hercules. Seal Point male. This boy loves to 'nose kiss', he'll put his paws on your shoulders or face to hold you still,  then try to stick his nose up yours.   Now living with Kristy and family.
Bragdollz Poseidon. Seal Point male.

Adopted by Petra and family, Allansford.

Bragdollz Athena. Seal Tortie Point female.

New baby for Lynda (and Johnny) A real problem solver this one, she can open cage doors!

Bragdollz Callisto. Seal Tortie Point female.

Adopted by Bob and Terrie, near Geelong.

Litter born late Jan 2011
Bragdollz SunDance. Red bicolour girl. Very energetic, always up for a play.

Now living with Terri-Ann, Melbourne.

Bragdollz SunSprite. Seal tortie bicolour  girl. Delightful, gentle nature.

Adopted by Kim, WA.

Bragdollz Leo. Red mitted. Absolutely, totally affectionate. One of Juliette's favourites. Adopted by Judy in Brighton as a playmate for Baxter.
Bragdollz SunStorm. Seal Point. Lovely boy, growing well.

Adopted by Lyn in Warrnambool.

Bragdollz Brady. Blue mitted boy . Lovely, alert temperament, loves to chase toys. Adopted by David and his family
Bragdollz Sweet Dreamz. Blue mitted girl. Gentle, flirty temperament but does demand prompt attention when she's bored! Kara's new best friend
Bragdollz Crumble. "I'm too sexy........".  This little Red point boy is pretty full of himself and is generally prepared to show it!  Anatalie and family
Bragdollz Crunchie. Red point boy. Nicknamed "Cuddlepie" for good reason. Loves to snuggle, purrs readily.  He's going to be a great family pet for Campbell and Dianne
Bragdollz Creme Brulee. Red mitted boy. By far, Juliette's favourite. Already spends evenings snuggled down her top when we are watching tv, but always up for a play.  Loves to chat already, and kneads holes in your legs when he's in bliss. Now keeping Bronwyn warm at night!

These are some of the kittens we had available in the 2009/2010 season past:


Photo taken at 3 weeks

Photo taken at 5 weeks

Bragdollz Bentley. Seal Bicolour Ragdoll.

Born early October 2009.

Adopted by Leonie, Stawell 2009

I am a sweet boy who prefers to snuggle.

Photo taken at 3 weeks

Photo taken at 5 weeks

Bragdollz Beamer. Seal Bicolour Ragdoll.

Born early October 2009.

Adopted by Pinky, Melbourne 2009

I am a naughty boy, always up to something. Alway good for a laugh.


Photo taken at 3 weeks

Photo taken at 5 weeks

Bragdollz Furrari. Red Bicolour Ragdoll.

Born early October 2009.

Adopted by Sue, Warrnambool 2009

A really cheeky boy who gets into trouble. Also an escape artist.



Kewpie's litter born Oct 09...




Bragdollz Boomer  Red mitted male.  Very floppy, well grown for age, placid. I flop onto my back with the slightest encouragement.

Adopted by Nancy and Ian 2009

Near Warrnambool Victoria

Bragdollz Pandapaws Probably the most potential of all the kittens this year. Affectionate, relaxed, loves everybody.

Adopted by Shan-Yuan and family 2010

Residing in Shanghai, China

Bragdollz Marmalade Red mitted male. Very playful and active. Love my  food, don't let fingers get in the way of my bowl or you might lose them! Because of his feisty, playful nature we nickname him 'Cougar'. Just like a toy, the harder you squeeze him, the louder he purrs.

Adopted by Scott, Warrnambool



Bragdollz Super Sonic  Red mitted male. Oh my goodness, my name is very appropriate.

I love to run and run! 

Adopted by Dez and Sabrina, Gisbourne 2010

Bragdollz Purr-Dot Seal tortie mitted female. Very attentive, loves to play games. My tail is a bit shorter as I had an accident as a baby, but I'm still very cute!

Adopted by Barb and John, Invermay Park, 2010

 Bragdollz Topsy Seal Tortie point female. I'm smaller than my brothers and sister but I make up for it in purrsonality! Oh, and yes, I know I'm cute!

Adopted by Debbie, Warrnambool, 2010

Litter born end of March 2010

Yes, these two look very similar in their photos, but I can tell between them.

Bragdollz Baxter Seal point boy. Adopted by Judy, Melbourne

Very noisy purrer, I am a little devil! (Can't you see that in my eye?)

Bragdollz Bronson Oh, cheeky boy. I've never seen a baby so energetic! Baby did I say? More like baby elephant. Can be heard thundering down the passageway in the middle of the night.....

Adopted by Fiona, near Warrnambool.




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