Welcome to Transition Towns Albany WA

What is the Transition Town Movement?

We are a decentralised grassroots movement seeking to bring civilisation to a far lower level of energy consumption than what it is today. This implies:

  1. Less pollution
  2. More decentralised food production
  3. More efficient heating
  4. More independent thinking
  5. Reducing the need to travel
  6. Real solutions, not feel good politics

There is a handbook on the Transition Town Movement which can be found here. The worse thing that can happen is for this, or any other Transition Town publication, to become a 'sacred text' where everyone reads and blindly follows. The emphasis is to do your own thinking. For example if you don't like the way I've done this website feel free to do your own, even if you're living in Albany. Then everyone gets your perspective as well as mine.

Part of this website is to attack 'sacred cow' methodologies as and when I perceive them.


Albany is located 416 Km South East of Perth Western Australia.

Wikipedia has some useful background information in Albany, including its history, industry and climate.


The purpose of the transitional towns movement has been to prepare for the potential threats of peak oil and climate change. The most likely impact of either of these challenges is economic hardship. The more self reliant our community is the more effective we shall be in dealing with change and thriving into the future. An obvious question is how hard will times get? Here is an article about the accuracy of economic predictions and we are not here to pretend to forecast with any greater accuracy. This leaves each and everyone of us with two possibilities:

  1. The economic hardship is overestimated and you are left somewhat embarrassed;
  2. The economic hardship is underestimated and your children are left hungry like this.

How can I contribute?

If you're preparing, publicly or privately then you are making a contribution. It is perfectly ok to make an anonymous post on our yahoo group. Alternatively you may decide you want your own independent web presence. That is also totally cool by us. Should you choose to send us your link we shall certainly consider linking in.

The most crucial aspect for resilience is for the local production of food by organic means. By local I mean in your backyard, and why not your front yard as well! Whenever you have an inspired idea, weather its food production or something else, you can share it at the Community Garden produce swap on the first Saturday each month. Alternatively if you can't make it you can drop me an email.

In March 2015 Permaculture Albany was started by Julian. For those of you who are new to this, in permaculture, a system is sustainable when it captures the same or greater energy than was used to establish it. While in practice this has to be done by gut feel, the theory fits into peak oil remarkably well.

The other pages in this website go into more detail over the various aspects of resilience, which has many aspects. See where you can fit in.

What we really need, in order to raise the town profile, is someone who wants to publish a book detailing how various people within town and the surrounding districts are preparing for leaner times. If you believe you have the literacy skills to make a go of it then there would be many people willing to help you in putting together a great read.

We are not all about forgetting technology but until someone DOES put a new technology infrastructure into place then we have no alternative but to go for a low energy lifestyle. The more prepared we are the better. In the meantime if you ever hear about thorium reactors then give it your support. Kirk Sorenson can also be found on youtube and here is Leslie Dewan's company.

Basis of Advice

Although the focus here is on Albany, much of the advice could apply to anywhere in the world. Different places in the world have different laws and different ideas of common sense. Advice here is given on what works best and this may be in conflict with the laws and customs where you live. It is up to you to check this out. If some advice is in conflict you have something to lobby for ☺.