The Romanov's - a.k.a - The Russian Royal Family

I have an interest in the history & politics of the Russian Revolution.

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Here are some of my Romanov photos and a bit of a description of their lives.

The family consisted of Tsar Nicholas II (King) , Tsarina Alexandra (Queen) , Daughters - Olga , Tatiana , Marie , Anastasia and a son Alexei.

The daughters were titled "Grand Duchesses" and the son was "Tsarevitch". In the West we would call them princesses and the crown prince.

The Imperial family ruled Russia until Mar 15th 1917 when the Tsar was forced to abdicate by the Bolshevik's (communists) who were taking over the country.

They were detained under house arrest at their home Alexander palace in Tsarskoe Selo ( a suburb south of St. Petersburg) then moved east to a town called Tobolsk in Siberia where they were kept in the Governor's house for 6 months.

Then they were moved again to another town called Ekaterinburg where they were held for 78 days in a house aquired from a local merchant called Ipatiev .

Soon after that they were murdered by the Bolshevik Chekas under the leadership of a man called Yacob Yurovsky in the early morning of July 17th - 1918.

Their bodies were buried near some dis-used mines in a forest area alongside Koptyaki Road.

Their graves remained hidden until after the fall of communism and in 1991 their bones were recovered and are now buried in the St. Peter & St. Paul Cathedral.

The remains of Alexei and Maria were not discovered until 2007 in a separate grave only 70m away from the first.

Much DNA testing was done to prove their identities with DNA samples taken from Prince Michael of Kent and Prince Phillip of Greece ( Husband of Queen Elizabeth II ) who are distant Romanov relatives.


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