Project 10: Water Fountain

A simple water fountain feature that uses lots of animated textures, scripts and effects to create a realistic water fountain feature.

Shape Prim

Rez a Torus

General Tab:
Water 1
Object Tab:
Size: X = 2.000, Y = 1.000, Z = 1.000
Rotation: X = 0.00, Y = 90.00, Z = 0.00
Hole Size: X = 1.00, Y = 0.50

shape Prim 1

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Add Texture

Texture the Torus with a water texture. I have used Water Ripple Layer 2 in this sample.

Texture Tab:
Repeats Per Face Horizontal (U): 2.000
Repeats Per Face Vertical (V): 1.000
Rotation (degrees): -90.00

Add Texture

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Add Scripts and Effects

Add the TextureAnimslow script to the Contents tab of the Torus and adjust the rotation of the texture and the speed of the animation as required.

Add Texture Animation Script

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Add more prims to build your Fountain

Shift-Copy new prims and adjust the texture settings to create a group of water effects for your fountain.

Create second prim

Create a water ripple effect by making the following changes to a Torus:

Object Tab:
Size: X = 4.000, Y = 4.000, Z = 0.010

Create water ripple prim

Align the water ripple prim with the fountain prim by copying the X and Y co-ordinates of the fountain prim onto the water ripple prim

Align prims

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Create more copies of the water fountain and water ripple prims and arrange them for your fountain. Once you are happy with their position, link them together: Ctrl + L or Cmd + L

Multiple prims

To create a container for your water fountains, rez a Box and make the following changes:

General Tab:
Name: Pond Edges
Object Tab:
Size: X = 7.000, Y = 7.000, Z = 0.500
Hollow: 90.0

Make Pond Edges

Shift-Copy the Pond Edges Prim up along the Z axis, then use Ctrl + Z to snap it back to the position of the original prim. Make the following changes:

General Tab:
Name: Pond Base
Object Tab:
Size: X = 6.800, Y = 6.800, Z = 0.200
Hollow: 00.0

Make Pond Base

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Texture the Pond Edges and Pond Base prims with a rock or stone texture.

Texture Pond Base

Use Select Texture to select the top surface of the Pond Base prim and add a water texture to it.

Texture surface of Pond Base

Add the following scripts and effects to the Contents tab of the Pond Base prim:

Contents Tab:
anim SMOOTH rotate + script
bubbling_water.wav sound effect
Water Mist Script

Add Water effects and animation scripts

Select all your prims and link them together. In the General Tab, give your Water Fountain a name, then Take into your Inventory folder.

Add some plants, angled rocks or any other decoration you like in your pond. After all that hard work, sit back and relax to the gently sounds of bubbling water in your new Water Fountain.

Add Water effects and animation scripts

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