Project 2: One Prim Torus Lamp

Torus lamp

Here's a quick project that you can make as you become familiar with the building grid in Second Life.

1. Rez a Torus

Rez a Torus

In the General Tab name it Torus Table Lamp

General Tab - Name prim

2. Shape Prim

In the Object Tab make the following changes:

Size: X = 0.700, Y = 0.700, Z = 1.000

Change Size settings

Rotation: X = 0.00, Y = 0.00, Z = 180.00

Change Rotation settings


Change Hollow setting

Hole Size: X = 1:000, Y = 0.50

Change Hole Size setting

Profile Cut: B = 0.000, E = 0.700

Change Profile Cut setting

Step 3. Texture Prim

Texture Tab: Select a Texture or Colour and apply it to your Table Lamp

Apply a Textute to the whole prim

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