Project 5: Pot Of Flowers

Pot of Flowers

A pretty posy of flowers for Valentines's Day, or for that special gift-giving occasion.

The sizes used for this project are only suggested sizes; feel free to adjust the original prim panel to make it larger or smaller as you need. The techniques used to make this project are the same ones you would use to make any other plant, or object that you want to have the 3D effect.

Skills Used:

Prim 1

Flower Panel 1

Resized Flower Panel 1

Transparent Flower Panel 1

Select single surface of Flower Panel 1

Add flower texture to one side of Flower Panel 1

Note: check your texture from the front and back of the panel. Are they symmetrical? Do you need to flip one texture from one side of the prim in the Horizontal direction?

Make sure you are have textured your first Flower panel correctly as the next 2 prims will copy this one; any mistakes in the first prim will be copied to the next 2 prims => 3 prims that have to be adjusted separately!

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Prim 2

Make a copy of Flower Panel 1

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Prim 3

Make a second copy of Flower Panel 1

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Link the 3 panels together

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Finishing Touches

Let's make a quick vase to put our flowers in. Feel free to adjust the texture and shape of the vase prim to suit your design flair.

Create a Vase

Create a Vase

And now you have a pretty pot of flowers that you can give to that special someone or decorate your house.

A sample of different vases that you can create by changing the Building Block Type to Cylinder and different textures

Vases of flowers

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