Project 6: Flagpole with Flexi Flag

Flagpole with Flexi Flag

A Flag pole with your special flag waving and flapping the wind.

The sizes used for this project are only suggested sizes; feel free to adjust the original flagpole prim and flag to make it larger or smaller as you need.

Prim 1: Create Flagpole

Rez a Cylinder and Resize

Texture the Flagpole

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Prim 2: Create Flag

* Note: Use the Red or Green axis, depending which ever direction you are facing :-)

Shift Copy Flagpole

Create Flag

Add Texture to Flag prim

First, remove all the flag pole textures from this prim before you start adding flag textures

Method 1: Add a texture to the whole flag prim via the Texture Tab

In the Texture tab click on the Texture picker window to open up the texture pop-up window.

Scroll through the textures and folders till you find the texture you want to add to the prim, click on the texture name to select it, then press the Select button to apply the texture to the whole prim.

Method 2: use Select Texture method to apply flag texture to front and back faces of flag prim (not the narrow edges)

Activate the Select Texture option by clicking on the radio button next to this item located in the top left hand section of the Edit window.

Click on the front face of your flag prim to select this surface (white circle and cross are visible on this surface)

Use Method 1 above to apply the flag texture to the prim face.

Click on the back surface of the prim to select it, then use Method 1 above to apply the texture to the prim face.

Check the front and back of your flag and make sure the textures are aligned correctly.

Use the Flip tick box next to the Repeats per Face Horizontal/Vertical fields if you need to adjust the alignment of the texture.

Select Flag Texture

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Add Flexible Features

Make Flag Prim Flexible

Make the following changes to the Flexible settings:

Flag with Flexible Settings Changed

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Prim 4: Add Embellishment to Pole

If you want to embellish your flagpole by adding a decorative ball at the top, create a third prim

  1. Shift-copy the flag pole along the red axis, then Ctrl + Z to snap it back.
  2. General Tab: name this prim Flag Pole Top
  3. Object Tab:
    • Change Building Block Type to Sphere
    • Size X = 0.1000, Y = 0.1000, Z = 0.1000

Raise the prim along the blue axis until it is sitting on the top of your flagpole

Flagpole with Topper

Link Prims

Select the Flag Pole and the Flag, then Ctrl + L to Link them together

In the General Tab, name your linked Flag Pole

All done - a nice flag that you can place on your land, your boat, or any other place you have access to. As a variation, you can even make a smaller hand-sized version of this flag and wear it as an attachment - left or right hand.

Happy Holidays!

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