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Project 8: Textured Table Lamp

This is another one-prim build, where we will do a bit of prim torture to create the shape of the Table Lamp, then use textures on different surfaces of the prim to make it look more realistic.

At the end of this build, you have then option to add light to your Table lamp via the Features tab, or via a Light Switch script via the contents tab.

All textures and scripts mentioned in this tutorial are contained in the Class Supplies Folder.

So, lets start by rezzing a Tube - that's the second prim from the left on the second row of prims.

Rez a Tube

General Tab:
Name: Table Lamp
Object Tab:
Size: X = 0.400, Y = 0.300, Z = 0.300

Change the size of the Tube

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Object Tab:
Rotation: X = 0.00, Y = 90.00, Z = 180.00
Hollow = 95

Rotate and Hollow the Tube

Object Tab:
Twist: B = 144, E = 144

Twist and Torture that Tube

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Object Tab:
Hole Size: X = 0.70, Y = 0.50

change the Hole Size for the Tube

Object Tab:
Profile Cut: B = 0.00, E = 0.750

Make the Profile Cut to reveal the Inner Lamp of the Tube

We now have a plywood lamp. Let's add some textures to it.

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Texture Lamp Surfaces

Switch to Select Texture mode. Check that you can see the white circle and cross on each surface of your plywood Table Lamp.

Click on underside surface of lamp until you can see the white circle and cross on only that surface.

Select a surface to texture

Texture Tab:
Apply a texture to the selected surface via the Texture tab

Shortcut: Drag the texture you want to use from your Inventory folder and drop it onto the specific surface you want to texture.

For this example, I have selected a wood texture: Hickory.

Texture the base of the Table Lamp

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Select the small edges at the rim underneath the shade of the lamp and the small rim at the bottom of the base of the lamp

Texture the rim edges of the Table Lamp

I have used a plain colour texture that slightly contrasts with the wood texture. Again, feel free to choose your own texture or combination of texture and colour to create the effect you want.

Click on the outside surface of the lamp and check that the white circle and cross are now visible on this surface. Select and texture this surface as you like. In this sample I have used AF-Wallpaper.

Texture the lamp shade surface

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Select the top surface of the lamp.

Select top of Lamp

Add a transparent texture to this surface to give the lamp that realistic hollow lamp shade effect

Add transparent texture to top of Table Lamp

Go to the Features tab and add light to your lamp.

Add light via Features Tab

Feel free to experiment with textures to create unique table lamps.

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Enjoy your new, one prim Table Lamp.

Optional light effect: instead of adding constant light ON via the Features tab, de-select this option. In the Contents tab of your lamp, add a light switch script (see Supplies folder for "Light Switch Script")