Skills Used:

Skill Project 1: Gift Boxes with Ribbons and Bows

Gift Boxes

For this project, we get the chance to consolidate the skills we have learnt in the previous 4 classes:

Enough of the theory and class demos.

Let's have some fun!

Gift Box

Prim 1

Prim 1 - create Box prim

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Prim 2

Shift-Drag a copy of this Box upwards, then Ctrl + Z (Cmd + Z) to snap it back to place.

Prim 2 - Ribbon 1 prim

Prim 2 - Ribbon 1 prim

Prim 3

Shift-Drag a copy of Ribbon 1 upwards, then Ctrl + Z to snap it back.

Prim 2 - Ribbon 2 prim

Prim 3 - Ribbon 2 prim

Texture your box and ribbon prims as you like. I have used a silver leaf textured paper with a colour tint for the box and a matching plain colour for the ribbon in this example. I have also changed the Shininess to Medium in the Texture Tab to give the ribbon a shiny, glossy effect.

Textured Box

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Let's add a pretty bow on top of our gift box.

Prim 4

Rez a Torus (first prim of the second row of prims)

Torus Bow

Resize Torus

Twisted Torus

Prim 5

Shift-Drag a Copy of the first Flower Bow up along the blue arrow.

Shift Copy Torus Bow

Ctrl-Z to snap it back down.

Second Bow Rotated

Select both Prims and Link them together using Ctrl + L (Mac: Cmd + L)

Now position the flower box on your gift box

Position the Bow

Select all 5 prims, click on the Box prim to de-select it, then select it again. (To make the Box prim the root prim - just easier to rez a centred gift box.)

Link all the prims: (Ctrl + L or Cmd + L on your keyboard). All Done! You have a beautiful gift box with a pretty, shiny flower bow on top.

Purple Box with Flower Bow

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Now that you have the basic steps to making a gift box with ribbon and bow, feel free to make some minor changes to your box and create lots of different shapes and sizes:

Flat Long Gift Box with Double Ribbon

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Loop Bow

Let's make another gift box and this time using a Loop Bow.

Use the steps above to make a gift box in any size you like and add some ribbons. In this next example, I have used the following sizes:

Loop Bow 1

Make a Gift box in what ever size you like using the instructions from above. Add some crossed ribbons and texture it as you like. When you are done, we are ready to start making a loop bow.

Start making a looped bow

Position this prim just off-centre from the intersection of the ribbon on your box.

Position First Bow

Here is a sanity-saving tip: Switch to the Local Ruler Mode to help you align the position of the loop. then switch back to the World Ruler to adjust the height of the loop from the top of the box; it should just touch the top of the ribbon, but not be too high above it.

Local Ruler to assist with positioning

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Loop Bow 2

Copy first loop prim

Position second loop prim

Hint: Switch to Local Ruler Mode to help you position the Loop Bow.

Loop Bows 3 and 4

When you are happy with these 2 loop bows, select both of them (yellow outlines around them) and Shift-Drag a copy to the side.

Copy first set of loop prims

Ctrl + Z to snap them back

Use the Rotation Ruler to rotate the selected prims 45 degrees so they align and complete the set of loops. Don't forget to texture them!

Local Ruler to assist with positioning

If the Rotation Rulers are causing you too many hassles, here are the rotation numbers I have used to position the Loop Bows:

Once you are happy with the position of your bows, select all the prims, de-select/re-select the Box prim, then link all the prims together (Ctrl + l/ Cmd + L)

All loops aligned

Time to complete the texturing of your loop bows. Again, I have used a blank texture with Shininess set to Medium. I have also created a seperate lid for this Gift Box. I copied the Box Prims, flattened it a bit and textured it a co-ordinating colour. I also made the lid prim slightly larger that the box prim by adding 0.010 to the size of the X and Y sizes in the Object tab.

Completed Box with Loop Bow

You now have the basic steps on making the gift boxes and adding ribbons and bows, you have a folder full of wrapping paper and ribbons, so get our those scissors and tape and start wrapping those presents!

Here's another box that can inspire and challenge you. It uses all the same skills as we have used to make the previous 2 boxes so take the challenge and create your own beautiful gift box.

Round box with Gauzy gold ribbon bow

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