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Class 8: Advanced Texture Techniques

Review of Applying a Texture to Prim

As was covered in Class 2, the basic steps for applying a texture to a whole prim are:

  1. Switch to the Texture tab in the Edit window
  2. Click inside the Texture picker box to open the Pick: Texture window
  3. Scroll through the folders or search for the texture you want to use
  4. Click on the Select button to apply it to your prim

Overview of Applying a Texture

These steps are impoirtant to know as this will always be the general process we will use to apply a texture, only this time, with some variations and extra steps.

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Texture a Selected surface of a Prim

There will be times where you want to apply different textures to separate surfaces of a prim. Or, you want to change the appearance of a texture on one surface but not the rest. The steps we have explored so far on;y apply a texture to the whole prim. If we want to chose which surface of a prim we want to texture, we need to take a few additional steps.

At the top left section iof the Edit window is a list of building modes - Position, Rotation, Stretch, Select Texture and Edit Linked parts. Click on the Select Texture radio button to activate this mode.

Have a look at your prim now. If you have activated this editing mode correctly, you will see a white circle and white cross appear on each surface of your prim.

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The above basic texture techniques took 4 steps to complete. what would you say if I told you it could be done in 1 step??

Thought you'd like that! :)

Shortcut 1: Drag and Drop from Inventory Folder to Prim

This shortcut does not even require you to have the Edit window open! The basic steps are:

  1. Open your Inventory folder and select the texture you want to use
  2. Hold you mouse down on the selected texture, hold the SHIFT key down on your keyboard, then DRAG the texture from your Inventory folder and DROP it onto the prim you want to texture

Drag and Drop from Inventory folder to Prim with Shift key pressed

Shortcut 2: Drag and Drop texture into Texture Box in Texture Tab

With this shortcut, you need to have your Edit window open to the Texture tab so that you can see the 2 Texture and Colour picker boxes.

  1. Once again, using your open Inventory folder, select the texture you want to use, then DRAG and DROP it into the Texture Box of the texture tab

Drag and Drop from Inventory folder to Texture pikcer box in Texture Tab

Shortcut 3: Drag and Drop to a Surface

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Repeats Per Face

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Texture Rotation

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Planar Mapping

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Class Project: Make a Textured Lamp

Click on the image link below to go to the Project page with detailed instructions to make this textured lamp with light features.

Textured Lamp with Light Features

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