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Serenity Beach @ Strayling
Level 4, ABC Sandbox Tower, @ ABC Island
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Class Details

This is the proposed class schedule for the next 12 weeks of the topics that I plan to cover in classes.

This list is subject to changes based on feedback from class participants and time availability; I would rather spend the extra time to answer your questions and repeat any class tasks until you are satisfied that you have learned a new building skill rather that rush through subject material in order to keep to this schedule.

I will be sending out a weekly notice to all group members to advise of each upcoming class, dates, times, topics to be covered. Any last minute changes will be advised through the Group Messages.

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Class 1: Introduction to Building
How to rez a prim
Move a Prim: Position, Rotate, Stretch
Take or Delete Prim
Class 2: Texture and Colour Prims
Add texture to whole prim
Add colour to whole prim
Class Project: One Prim Torus Table Lamp
Class 3: Working With Multiple Prims
Copy Prim via Shift-Drag method
Link and Unlink Prims, Root Prim
Edit Linked Prims
Class Project: Make a Simple Coffee Table
Class 4: Use Grid Rulers to Position Prims
Use the Grid Fred!
Adjust Grid Options
World Ruler Modes
2D Grid Overview
Class Project: Shiny Red Heart
Test Your Skills: Gift Boxes
Here's your chance to use all the skills we have learnt in the previous 4 Classes
fun Project: Pretty gift boxes with Ribbons and Bows
Prim Play: Play with prims as we make some one-prim objects
Box: Picture Frame
Torus: Curly Ribbon
Sphere: Twisted Sculpture
Tube: Dining Table
Torus: Cushion
Sphere: Leaf
Class 5: Working With Transparent Prims
Select By Surrounding
Highlight Transparent
Phantom Prims
3D effects when making plants
Class project: Make a Pot of Flowers
Class 6: Flexi Prims
Add Flexi Features to Prim
Class project: Make a Flexi Flag
Class 7: Let There Be Light
Add Light features to Prims
Class project: Asian Styled Lantern
Class 8: Advanced Texture Techniques
Apply texture to a single surface
Repeats per Face
Rotate Texture
Texture Offset
Working with Transparent Textures
Class Project: Textured Lamp with Light Switch
Test Your Skills:Skill Project 2
Another mid-term project to practice your building skills
Project details to be determined.
Class 9: Introduction to Sculpted Prims
What is a Sculpty?
All about Texture Maps
How to tell a Texture Map from a regular Texture
Making sculpted prims
Class Project: Make a Sculpted Platter of Fruit
Class 10: Adding Scripts to Prims
The non-coders introduction to Scripts
How to re-use scripts
Set Text Script
Give Notecard Script
Animate Texture Script
Class project: Water Fountain
Class 11: Modular Building Tricks
Shift-Copy is your friend
Ctrl+Z is your BEST friend
Create complex designs with simple patterns
Class Project: Spiral Staircase
Class 12: Playing With Particles
Particle Textures
Particle Scripts
Tinkering with Particle Script Settings
Class Project: Make a Lava Lamp
Class 13: Putting It All Together
Class Project: Build a Modern Water Fountain
Skills used: Rez prims (Class 1), Modify Prims (Class 1 and 11), Shift-Copy (class 3), add light (Class 7), Select Texture (Class 8), Animate Textures (Class 10), Add Scripts (Class 10), Link it all together (Class 3).