Fame Plant or Fame Flower

Talinum Paniculatum
This perennial plant is a native of South America, but is related to our own indigenous Portulaca, a well-known indigenous food source
It also has relatives on the African continent, where one species is used as fodder.
The succulent leaves are good in salads, and since the seeds of other Portulaca species are used as food by indigenous peoples,
I should imagine these could be too - that is if you can beat the birds to them!
It used to be very common in Australian gardens, since it is both attractive and drought resistant,
and once established it seeds and germinates freely.

Fame plant
Flowers of Fame plant
The flowers do not open until the afternoon. The sap is neither milky nor sticky. The tiny seed capsules are golden when immature, papery buff when mature, and contain lots of black seeds.

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