Low Tech Solar Hot Water

My hot water is very low tech!

Reflectors cut from discarded plastic plant pots, lined with scraps of sisilation.
Large plastic bags form "greenhouses" for dark glass bottles filled with rainwater.
Bottles stand on salvaged pieces of dark tile, which act as heat collectors. (The bottles can also contain herbs or tea if desired.)
Entire set-up stands on the white enamelled side of an old gas cooker, increasing reflected light.

The dishcloths, mug and toothbrush are being sterilised by the UV in the sunlight.

In the foreground, the black plastic file box contains rainwater heating for my Asian-style shower.
The salvaged stand is insulated with salvaged polystyrene foam, and the water container is placed inside a plastic bag,
discarded packaging from a doona, and zipped up.
Time taken to heat water varies according to temperature,
after 2 hours in hot weather, I have to add some cold water,
but even in winter, a few hours of sunshine raises the temperature sufficiently.
For a bath, I use as many receptacles & plastic bags as required.

See how the stove gives me a plentiful low tech winter supply

I don't ever want a conventional solar HWS - it would require too much water, and probably have to be connected to the mains.

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