Leafy 'Arundo Donax' gives privacy, & shades the garden from the North-west

Bamboos rustle deliciously in the slightest breeze.

'In harmony with the Tao
the sky is clear & spacious
the earth is solid & full
all creatures flourish together
content with the way they are
endlessly repeating themselves
endlessly renewed..........'

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Chapter 39 Tao te ching, STEPHEN MITCHELL translation

While careful selection is imperative, there is a species of bamboo suitable for almost any situation, & bamboos are useful as well as aesthetically pleasing...............



If you want to grow bamboo in your garden or on your property there are many specialist Bamboo nurseries, a search will soon find them.

But DO PLEASE search information - there is plenty available - on suitable varieties for your space before buying

This trellis will last for five or six years before being renewedAn easily made & attractive bamboo trellis.

This easily constructed pergola supports large crops of kiwi fruit & grapesSeasoned bamboo makes a light but sturdy pergola.
More about Kiwi Fruit

A Permaculture group holds regular working bees in members' gardens.

A bamboo fence is easily constructed & protects the vegetables from chooks & small domestic animals.

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