Domestic Water Use

The utility room

The only sink I use in the house is the handbasin, & the only water rainwater.
A large ice cream carton is my washing-up bowl, a colourful rag is my dishcloth, & the pot-scrubber a plastic vegetable net.
I wash my dishes in cold water. They are pretty clean anyway, as I either lick my dishes clean, or wipe them with bread. This means I can often use just one dish for a meal, dessert following the main course in the same dish.
Dishes are drained in the laundry tub in bad weather, the corner just visible on the right. Otherwise they are dried in the sun.
My twin-tub washing-machine lives in the garden, & very large pans are cleaned in the garden & dried in the sun.
The notice requests visitors not to use the taps.

The U-pipe has been disconnected, so that all grey water drains directly into the large bucket. This water is used to flush the loo.
The water in the container with the tap is used for drinking & cooking only & is drawn from a tank kept & carefully maintained especially for this purpose. The covered bucket contains clean rainwater & is used for washing up, washing hands etc.

The cupboard is a hard rubbish find, containing my collection of useful appliances, all 'found' or bought from Op.shops.
The bench is a piece of 'found' plywood covered with the modern equivalent of oilcloth (sent from the UK many years ago, as a gift).
The insulated coffee pot is used for tea made with loose leaves - it holds four cups & covered with a cosy, stays warm for hours.
The vacuum flask holds water heated in dark bottles in the sun.

See Hot Water Systems

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