Front entrance - actually it's the only one!

Trees in background, from left:
Palm in an adjacent garden, Avocado (Yes, it was that big!), Mandarin, Wattle Fimbriata, Callistemon, Peach.
Visible over side fence - Grevillea, Jerusalem Artichokes, beans, grape vine.
Flanking the entrance - on the left Honeysuckle & a Felicia rose, to the right a Sparrieshoop rose.
Spreading into lane is a sterile lantana which successfully attracts & feeds butterflies,
as well as discouraging people from using the entrance to manouvre vehicles.
Just visible is a clump of Windmill grass.
Some Dianellas, a Bluebush, Native Flax, Wahlenbergia, and baby pigface
are hidden and protected by the Lantana.

the way in!

This photo was taken in May 2011.
Since then, my neighbour demanded that I remove the Lantana from her fence (The green Colorbond),
and the Avocado has died - so suddenly that it was almost certainly poisoned.
I prefer to think this was accidental.
The photo below was taken on 11th.January 2012

the way in now!

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