What To Do In A Gas Attack

Official instructions issued by the Ministry of Home Security

Blurred text under picture strips.....
First row:
1. Hold your breath 2.Hold mask in front of face with thumbs through straps 3.Thrust chin well forward into mask, pull straps over head as far as they will go. 4.Run finger round face-piece making sure head-straps are not twisted.

Second row:
1. Hold your breath. Put on mask wherever you are. Close window.
2. If out of doors, take off hat, put on your mask. Turn up collar.
Put on gloves and keep hands in pockets. Take cover in nearest building.

Upper white on black caption: BY VAPOUR GAS
Lower white on black caption: BY LIQUID or BLISTER GAS
Small print under item 2. (No.2 Ointment.) Buy a 6d. jar now from any chemist.
In emergency chemists supply Bleach Cream free.

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