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View from front window in October. Click for description & Plant List

This site is a kaleidoscope! To enter is to embark upon a journey of discovery.
There's lots of practical information here, but as the late ROBERT THEOBALD wrote:
'When information doubles, knowledge halves, & wisdom quarters!'.

So there are many pages where you can meditate & relax during your visit.

Mystery & beauty are great antidotes to information overload!

Joy changes hearts & minds & stimulates soul-growth.

Expressing your personal creativity can re-connect you with your roots,
and put you back into context
as one element of an interlinking maze of eco-systems.
The Practical Application of information - Experience - converts it into Knowledge,
& creative expression further transforms it into the forerunner of True Wisdom.

The photo was taken through my front window in Spring.
Fewer than 150 square metres of soil surround my cottage.
Traffic passes within inches of the front fence.
Other dwellings, some 2 stories high, closely surround it.
Cities can be made pleasant & sustainable places to live.

I have been developing an urban Permaculture design here since 1989.
It is just over 1km. from the centre of ADELAIDE, capital city of SOUTH AUSTRALIA.
When I retired in 1998, I tried for about 5 years to live as an eco-hermit,
and built this website instead of showing people around the garden.
But, just like the garden, it grew!
You can read the whole RainbowWeb story on another page.

You are a unique human being, with your own particular blend of skills, talents, likes & dislikes; you may or may not have a belief system, & if you have one it may or may not be orthodox. You can discover the joy of being re-earthed, & linking yourself & your location in your city with the deeply renewing energy of the Earth.

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Australia - This is an Australian website
Compare the sizes of
USA and Australia(70Kb).......Asia and Australia(70Kb).......Europe and Australia(80Kb)

Yes, Australia's huge! - but a great deal of it is desert, and environmentally fragile.
Our population of more than 25 million people lives mainly on the somewhat less vulnerable coastal strip,
well South of the 26th.parallel.

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