Stobie Pole Gardens

Stobie Poles were invented in South Australia by - Guess! - a Mr. Stobie. Because of the shortage of suitable timber for power lines & street lights, these sturdy posts are manufactured from concrete poured between two sections of railway line joined by steel re-inforcing.
Legend has it that they leap into the path of oncoming cars if they sense that the driver has had more than a little to drink!

White daisies, Artemesia, Climbing Pelagoniums

These plants were grown from cuttings, & watered (with rainwater carried up the lane in buckets!) until established, but now survive on rainfall.
Artemesia, pelagoniums, and the daisies are all very hardy perennials

White ivy-leafed pelagoniums growing on bitumen

Right...........There is no break in the bitumen around this stobie pole, so these white ivy-leafed pelagoniums are growing in a heap of humus swept up from the street and lying on the surface.

Purple pelagoniums are winning against the odds

These purple ivy-leaved pelagoniums are constantly 'pruned' by passers-by taking cuttings, but they eventually made it! For some reason the purple-flowered ones don't strike as easily, or grow as fast, as the pink or white.

Artemesia, Climbing Pelagoniums

This was the first Stobie Pole garden I planted,
almost 18 months earlier than the others.
The Artemesia has grown wild, and badly needs cutting back.
But it smells so refreshing when bruised by passing traffic, especially on a hot day.
So I'll put it off as long as possible.

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