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Some Tips to help you make the most of this site

General.......Using keyboard Shortcuts.......Searching.......Feedback

This page is 20 years old, but I've left it, partly for historic interest,
but also because I realise that much of this stuff also applies to small devices, such as phones & tablets.
My original simple page design still downloads on almost anything.

For faster browsing, make friends with your browser! You will probably be using some version of Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox, or Opera. If you're using something else, you almost certainly know more about all this than I do!!!
To reduce data downloaded, or bandwidth used, turn off automatic image loading. Then right click the mouse for a menu if you decide to download a particular pic. The alternate text should help you decide if you want to see it. If the picture is also a link the empty space is normally bordered in your default link colour
Level 4 browsers and up may also have a 'Load all images' menu option on the toolbar.

How you see the pages will depend on several things. One is your display resolution, another is the size of your monitor screen.
I designed most of the the site using 800 x 600 pixels, on a 14" monitor. This gives the appearance of 12 point type for the main text. If you are using 1024 x 768 resolution, the text will appear much smaller, while if using 640 x 480, it will be much bigger. Pictures, however, will probably remain the same size. Should two borders appear on your screen, your screen resolution will have been set to greater than 1024 x 768 & you'll be using the full window.
To solve this problem simply resize the window until the righthand border disappears.

In level 3 browsers and up, you can adjust the font size. Internet Explorer has a font button on the toolbar, while in Netscape you have to use the 'View' menu.
In some other browsers you use the Zoom button.
Only the font will alter - the pictures stay the same size.
Level 2 browsers may not have this facility, in which case you can enlarge the font by setting the display resolution to 640 x 480 and using the entire screen.
To see pages more or less as designed, start at the front page and set font so that the ANYBROWSER CAMPAIGN hotlink appears approximately below the picture of the garden - just click the font icon on your toolbar, or use the 'Preferences' menu.
In Level 2 browsers, set so the link appears about 3 lines and a space below the picture.
If you want to see more of the page, use your View menu to turn off the toolbar and status bar.
You don't need them, as the URL and the email address are at the end of every page, and all pictures have alternative text.
Windows 95 ++ users can right click your mouse to access File Menu.
Many new browser have a Full Screen option on the View Menu.
While the pages look best in 216 0r 256 colors, don't worry if your OS doesn't support them.
Even with only 16 colours, most pages are viewable.

There are now 9 main pages, all interlinked for easy navigation, and a growing number of pages with a narrower focus. Every page contains relevant links, both internal and external. There is also a Site Map, a Rough Guide to the site (text links), and 3 pages of links.
Links to other pages on this site are in lower case.
Links in UPPER CASE are external, and will take you to another site; so if you click an UPPER CASE LINK you should be aware that you are about to leave the site, and will need to use Backspace or Alt+G, then B to return.
While I check all external links regularly, I cannot take any responsibility for the content of linked sites, nor do I necessarily agree with everything on them, or subscribe to their various belief systems.

Use Control+Home to return to top of page.

Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

You can navigate quickly and efficiently using these, if you remember that they work only on the last page or window selected.
Since all you need to do to select is to click once anywhere on the page or window with your mouse, it's so much quicker and easier than following all the usual steps.

Control+Home takes you back to the top of the page.
Control+End takes you straight to the bottom
Use the direction keys to scroll up, down, or sideways in your browser.
If the page you are viewing has a number of sections (frames) with scroll bars,
(this won't happen on
my site!)
click the one you want to scroll before you start

Control+F when you are viewing a webpage brings up a 'Find' dialogue box
Note that the command Windows Key+F brings up the Windows Find Files dialog box
Control+C copies selected text
Control+A selects all the text on a webpage
Control+V (not P) pastes the last text copied
Control+Z will undo the previous action
If you are working on your own computer, it pays to save the files you want to keep as you go along. Create a folder and name it for the site, then hit Alt+F, then A. Name the file, if the filename field is blank. Then find and open your folder using the dialog box - next time the dialog box should open automatically to the same folder, but check! or you may lose the files somewhere in the system.
Control+P will bring up the Print Menu.
You will need this command if you are using community facilities and have to print the pages you want to keep.
Esc will close the last window or dialog box opened
Backspace will return you to the previous webpage or window,
but not to another programme.
But it will return you to the same place on the page you were last at.
Handy, that!
Alt+Tab will enable you to switch between programmes -
the one you are currently using, and the previous one.
It's called Toggling
Windows Key+R will bring up the Run dialog box
Windows Key+E brings up Windows Explorer
Should your browser 'freeze' - fail to respond to commands - press CONTROL+ALT+DELETE, make sure your browser is highlighted, then hit Alt+E to end task. This will close the browser - it may take a while, and you may get another dialog box first, but it will get you out of trouble.
Don't press CONTROL+ALT+DELETE again, or it will restart the computer.
While you will have to re-start your browser, most of the internet files will be in your cache and you can probably find any you haven't yet saved in there. If you are on my site, the only way this will happen is if the server places an ad. which your browser can't handle, in which case I would be grateful if you would let me know about it.
If it's a site you have reached from one of my links please let me know, and I will remove that link from my site.
If you can't remember the URL of the page giving the trouble, you will find it in your browser's history folder (enable 'details') - but don't try to check it by going back to the page, or you'll just lock up your browser again!
And keep your browser happy by regularly cleaning out the Cache (Temporary Internet files) and the History Folder.


Searching the Site

When I first launched this site I set out to learn about forms, Guestbooks, and onsite Search Engines.

What I learned is that there are quicker and simpler ways to achieve your ends.

Most internal search engines only give you page URL's, and are logical(?!) rather than intuitive.
They are also time consuming and not very bright! So I don't have one.

I suggest you first look at the
Rough Guide or the Site Map.

Main Page Headings are on the left of the Rough Guide page, while in the centre are the various focus pages which have arisen intuitively from them. (External links have been added to many pages in the same way)

When you reach a page which seems to have some relevance to your search, either use the bold type, and paragraph headings, to assist in a quick visual search, or hit Control+F on the keyboard to bring up a menu including Find.

For example - to find Bicarbonate or bicarb.soda, first go to the Laundry Leaflets, reached from the Rough Guide, or the Site Map. Then hit Control+F and enter "bicarb" in your dialogue box, hit Enter, or click Find.
Also most browsers have, on one or other of their menus, a Find.....function. Use either of these dialog boxes to search the page for keywords.
While I am progressively adding bold type to what I regard as keywords, your agenda may be quite different from mine.
Another way is to enter your keywords into GOOGLE. Enter your main keyword, then either click one of the options that displays, or use a + sign to add more search terms. Or enter the name of this site, and a specific keyword. In the example, 'bicarb' will bring up numerous entries, but entering 'laundry' currently puts my Laundry leaflet at the top of the list.
If you're desperate, hit Windows Key+F and use the Windows Advanced Search Function. But you'll still have to search within each page for keywords, as outlined above.

Note: Windows Keys may not be enabled on community-based computers giving internet access.
Return to Rough Guide

Use Control+Home to return to top of page


If you use community facilities, or a wireless node, and want to email me, I suggest you get yourself a free Browser based email address.
Copy the email address on the contact page, either manually, or use the computer to copy it. (highlight or 'select' the address, then hit Control+C). When you are ready to compose your email, type in the email address, or after putting your cursor in the address field, use Control+V to place the address there. Using Windows you should be able to open the mail programme in a separate browser window, and either resize both browser windows so you can see them both, or 'toggle' between the webpage and your mail programme.

Use Control+Home to return to top of page.

Still feeling bamboozled? Try The BBC'S ONLINE INTERNET BEGINNER'S COURSE
Highly recommended even if you thought you already knew your way around!

Home | Re-earth the Cities! | The Permaculture Journey | The RainbowWeb Story | Sustainable Solutions | You Can Save the Earth!
Deep Ecology & Re-earthing | Inspirations & Resources | Rough Guide to Site | Site Map | Links
Margaret's Sustainability Articles

Your feedback is welcomed.

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