This is the Consumer Contacts Links Page for Arthur Marsh

Why do this

There are some sites that provide contact details for consumer issues, but none seemed to include a reasonably complete listing relevant for South Australia. There is at least one other site that allows discussion on web fora but no posting of URLs or contact information. If this list tried to include full contact details for all the organisations then there would be a tremendous workload in keeping it updated.

So this listing will start small by linking to the home page(s) of relevant organisations, adding links to useful pages within the organisations' web sites, and only including other contact information where the organisation fails to provide it on their own web site. Needless to say, in those cases the organisation concerned will be contacted about updating their own web site.

For organisations without web sites themselves, they will be listed with contact details but with an admonition that they'd help their own cause by having at least a web site with proper contact details.

If anyone has information on good web-hosting for non-profit organisations, please contact me.

Usual disclaimers apply, this is only done out of personal interest and may not be accurate or up-to-date at any time, but corrections and suggestions are most welcome!

Contact Information - please use email for suggestions on links to include

postal: PO Box 372, Blackwood SA 5051, Australia

mobile: +61 417 852 110


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