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Audiosoft specialises in the development of CALSOD, a program for computer-aided loudspeaker system optimization and design. CALSOD is a popular tool for both hobbyists and professionals, and it can optimize crossover networks for multiway loudspeaker systems. First released in 1988, CALSOD is now used by thousands of loudspeaker designers all over the world. CALSOD has assisted professionals and hobbyists to design many successful loudspeaker systems.

Product information about CALSOD:
CALSOD 1.40 and 3.10 brochure
Product price list
CALSOD resellers
CALSOD user's manual and example data files
CALSOD revision history
Differences between CALSOD 3.00 and 3.10
Differences between CALSOD 1.30 and 1.40
Patch for Run Time Error 200 problem in early CALSOD versions
Year 2000 statement
Free audio software and other information on audio topics:
Free air-cored inductor design program
Download a list of software and hardware for speaker design (sahfsd07.txt)
References on speaker design and noise reduction
Image editing software for converting and annotating CALSOD's PCX screen dump images:
Easy Graphic Converter – batch digital image format conversion (free)
FastStone Image Viewer – batch digital image format conversion and viewing (free for non-commercial use)
IrfanView – batch digital image format conversion and viewing (free for non-commercial use)
Paint.NET – digital image editor similar to Adobe Photoshop and Corel Paint Shop Pro (free) Get Paint.NET!
PCX plugin – adds PCX file support to Paint.NET

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