The NSW Free Flight Society Inc.

The New South Wales Free Flight Society Inc (NSWFFS) is the state body for free flight in NSW The society has approximately 250 members.
The Club's flying field is located at Richmond on turf farms off Bensons Lane.
You can usually find members flying their models on most Friday & Sunday mornings.
Guests are welcome to fly at the field.

Photos from Richmond, January 28th,  2007

 Photos by Rob Cranfield

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Dave launching his Fike

Pipes lurk in the long grass of the retrieve.

Dave readying his modified Paageboy


Climbing out.

Looking pretty overhead.

An adjustment upon retrieval

Lots of activity on the flightline.

Chris and one of his many foam tripes.


Tripe in flight.

Lloyd winding whilst Kevin does stooging duty,

Trim flight launch of the Taylorcraft

A bit more tweaking required but no damage done.

Piling on the turns, Pete Jackson model on the tarmac at left.

Copybook launch technique.

Peter launching his 010 SE5a and willing it on.

The steep climb out.

Turning onto final.

The boys retrieving their models

Percy was a late starter

His long neglected Stomper flew well after some thrust line adjustments.


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