The NSW Free Flight Society Inc.

The New South Wales Free Flight Society Inc (NSWFFS) is the state body for free flight in NSW The society has approximately 250 members.
The Club's flying field is located at Richmond on turf farms off Bensons Lane.
You can usually find members flying their models on most Friday & Sunday mornings.
Guests are welcome to fly at the field.

Roy's Twin Pusher at Richmond, February 16th,  2007

 Photos & Video by Rob Cranfield

Click on image for a larger view


Roy and his Twin Pusher

Winding her up! Steve Rothwell (stooge), Dave Hegarty (fuseman).

Give 'em a good stretch!

That's mum's best beaters!!!


On the glide (R to L)

Click this image for an 8.44Mb video file of a launch and flight.


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