We invite you to join our lessons starting on Wednesday, 4th March, at 8:45am. Lessons will be twice a week on Wednesday and Friday mornings for 6 weeks, that is up until Easter. The full cost is $60 which covers all materials, parking, tea/coffee.

Our Club has over 300 members so you not only learn to play the best card game in the world but you will find a very sociable atmosphere to play in and new friendships to make.

Lessons are given in an easy non-threatening style.

You don’t need expensive gear to play this sport, and it can be done in hot or cold, dry or wet weather in our air-conditioned rooms.


Our teachers are accredited by the Australian Bridge Federation and teach using a student-centred style.

So, we can teach you to play bridge, but you will also be having fun, making friends, and challenging yourself.


To see videos on "An Introduction to Bridge" and "Bidding in Bridge" and more press the button below

For further infornation or to register your interest contact

Anne Jackson 0429 824 700 or email her annejackson288@gmail.com