Browns Plains Blue Light Disco

Browns Plains Bluelight Disco


Browns Plains Blue Light Disco 2014 , Welcome to the site for Brisbane's best Blue Light Disco, A fun place for children aged 6 to 14 years , Blue Light Disco is aimed at keeping children safe in the community and bridging the gap between young kids and Police , Run by Police and Volunteers the Browns Plains Blue Light offers a great night out for the kids of our area to meet new friends and have a great time in the process. Our disco's are held on the first Friday of each month and start at 6.30pm and finish at 8.30pm


About Bluelight Disco's

Blue Light is a Police youth programme designed to encourage better relationships between Police, young people, parents and the local community.

It does this by involving young people in supervised cultural, social and sporting activities in an environment free from alcohol, drugs and violence. It uses every opportunity to positively promote the police to news media and the community.

Blue Light has developed into a crime reduction initiative, which aims primarily to identify and address the needs of young people who are ‘at risk’. These young people could come from a dysfunctional home, be economically disadvantaged, have come into contact with the police or youth services, or have been identified as being at risk by parents, friends or teachers.

Browns Plains Blue light is staffed by serving Police, Training Police and Vollunteer's that all hold Blue Cards for working in child related services, Its a fun and safe night for kids and a few peacefull hours for Mum and Dad



Disco's per Year


Free hours for mum & Dad


 Average kids each disco


Pizzas consumed each disco

Theme Nights

Want to see a team that goes the extra mile when it comes to theme nights , we encourage the kids to get involved with our theme nights and in turn we put on a great show with roaming characters, cool effects with Lasers or UV lights and some great room decor.

We only run a small number of themes each year as they take a lot of time to plan and set up, this year has seen a few new concepts and we are always open to new suggestions if we can do them, unfortunately due to cleaning issues and safety concerns not everything is possible, but if it can be done we will give it a go - feel free to send up a suggestions - on the right are a few of this years gems.

Everything glows

This was a treat for the eys , we flooded the room with extremely powerfull UV lights from all corners, topped it off with a laser light and UV string effect light display and then painted the kids with glow paint all to make for one serious glowing good night.


An absolute favourite of ours in usually the biggest night of the year when the demons come out to play, the effects get dialed up to 11 and its just treat with a few tricks thrown in.

Superhero night

Quickly becoming one of our best , this year saw a multitude of special guests including Ironman and the Ironvan, we had special appearances from Batman, Deadpool and our own Bluelight man kept the peace and the dance moves happening all night.

So you want to come along - heres the small stuff

Browns Plains Blue Light is held on the first Friday of every month at the Community hall under the cocktail glass water tower overlooking Browns Plains.

* The cost is $5.00 per child

* The age group is from 6 - 14 years

* starts 6.30pm - 8.30pm

* Pass-outs are not issued.

* Snacks and drinks are available from the canteen

* Cloak room for bags and valuables

* Police and Volunteer supervision in all area's


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Contact details

If you need more information or wish to assist with Blue Light disco please dont hesitate to contact us via the methods below.

Browns Plains Police Station
Address: 3 Orr Ct, Hillcrest, QLD, 4118

Phone number: (07) 3802 7100

For volunteer assistance information

Police Contact: Michael Leafe - Officer in charge

Website requests: