Desktop Utilities

AltTab 0.42 Download (15 Kbytes, sources included inside the !AltTab application)

This is a small module that intercepts the Alt+Tab key combo and flips the backmost window to the front of the stack.

This release includes an alternative module for use with emulated RISC OS platforms on Microsoft Windows. Because Windows traps Alt key presses, the alternative module intercepts Ctrl+Tab instead. The !AltTab application's !Run file looks for the RSTools module and loads the alternative AltTabEm if RSTools is found. If Ctrl+Tab is not a good choice, or looking for RSTools is not appropriate, let me know.

PasteKeys 1.3 Download (11 Kbytes)

This is a small application that allows data from files and the clipboard to be "piped" through the keyboard to other desktop applications. It complements existing capabilities for copying, pasting and clipboard operations.

If the data contains non-character codes (eg. Tab, CR/LF, Ctrl-key combos, arrow keys, function keys, etc.) most of these codes are sent to the Wimp as if they had actually been typed in sequence. You could use it to fill out a dialogue box or a form on a webpage. You could send a series of commands to a telnet host allowing time for a response between each command. It can also simplify getting filenames into the clipboard and pasting from the clipboard into writeable icons.

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