OpenVector, OpenGridPro & DrawPlus

Version 3.46 (24 July 2015)

Bugfixes: 'Merge at pointer' merges at pointer
Saved files contain only one font table and settings
Solid dragging of masked sprites is possible
More accurate bounding-box and scaling calculations
Saving no longer results in font chaos
More reliable merging onto the current layer
Resolved a cause of rare but catastrophic crashes
Rulers scroll consistently with their document windows
Textarea columns are created on the same layer as the parent textarea
Textarea columns are not imported onto undefined layers
Even with 'Reset layer' turned off, objects from a library will not be pasted onto undefined layers
Compressed drawfiles and libraries can be loaded on Cortex-A8 with alignment exceptions enabled
Compensated for a RISC OS bug causing problems associated with text-to-path conversion
Requests to open document windows mid-stack will be honoured
Document windows will not be lost after iconisation by desktop management tools
The -font argument to <!OpenVector.!RunImage> changes the default font for text objects
The VectUtil module's service handler avoids calling non-re-entrant SWIs, leading to greater system stability
Sprite scaling will always use a slower but more reliable method
An object's position can be set to #1 without producing a fatal crash
Capabilities: Invert the current selection list (CTRL-N)
Zooming (Page Up/Down) centres on a selection or where the mouse is pointing
Pasting a library object creates a named group
Unlocked objects can be arranged to locked ones
SELECT-click can be turned off
Path-edit menu includes an option to place the origin at the currently selected point
Path-edit menu includes an option to move the whole path with selected point to the origin
'Stroke path' will replace a path of non-zero thickness with an equivalent filled outline
When an auto-save is due and the user is prompted, the user can switch to unprompted auto-saving
Document windows respond to scroll requests as generated by mouse wheels on some systems
Bezier control points can snap to grid while being dragged
OpenGridPro and OpenVector understand 'osunit' dimensions
Quick access to Touch/Enclose/Centre SELECT-drag setting through the Select document submenu
Object control points can snap-to-grid when being dragged to resize the object
SHIFT-ADJUST can set the origin precisely to any point on a path being edited
When editing a path, points that overlap can be cycled through by ADJUST double-clicking
The Library window is more compact and its list of objects can be resized
In the Library window, a MENU click over the object list will select one if no other is selected
Clicks with the ALT key down will act as if there is no object beneath the pointer
The method by which OLE and scrap files are detected has changed
Dragging out a selection box with ADJUST will invert the selection list, not simply add to it
Reverse the order of the current selection list (CTRL-V)


Introduction Requirements Installation Contacts


OpenVector, OpenGridPro and DrawPlus are all enhancements to Draw. Vector and GridPro were developed from DrawPlus as commercial applications for 4Mation by Jonathan Marten. Vector included layering and object library capabilities. GridPro was customised for drawing grids and other regular object layouts.

The applications available for download here are built from the GPL open source software release of Vector, GridPro and DrawPlus. After Jonathan released the sources, the first 32-bit conversion was performed by Spellings Computer Services. The sources have since been uploaded to an SVN repository at <> and developed further by myself. The versions downloadable here were built from revision 51 of those sources.

Thanks are due to Jonathan Marten, 4Mation, and Spellings Computer Services for developing the applications and releasing the sources. But please note that none of them have any responsibility for this release. So please do not bother them about any problems you may have with it.



In theory, any machine running RISC OS 3.10 or later, with the latest 32-bit Shared C Library, can run these applications. In practice, they have been incompletely tested on BeagleBoard and Iyonix with RISC OS 5.22, a StrongARM RISC PC with RISC OS 4.02, and RISC OS 3.50 under emulation. These applications could do with more testing and documentation by long-time Vector users on a variety of RISC OS platforms. Consider them a work in progress and let me know if they fail to run as expected on your system.



Simply download the ZIP archives for the applications you want and extract the applications inside to wherever you want. (It does not matter if your system is limited to 10-character filenames. The apps will still run if truncated.)

Also available is a detailed list of bugfixes and enhancements over older releases by Jonathan and <>. This is probably the most comprehensive source of information about OpenVector's new capabilities. (Would anyone like to volunteer to write an updated manual?)

(304 Kbytes ZIP)
This archive contains the complete !OpenVector application.
(138 Kbytes ZIP)
This archive contains the complete !OpenGridPro application.
(228 Kbytes ZIP)
This archive contains the complete !DrawPlus application.
You will probably want this only if you need to access drawfiles created previously by DrawPlus.

Some documentation compiled by users can be found on Richard Torrens website. In particular, Stuart Windsor has produced a new manual which is available for download in PDF format from Richard's site. Older documentation can be found on Jonathan's website. (Scroll down to near the bottom of the page, ignoring the old archives you'll pass on the way.)



My name is Christopher Martin. You can email me through account 'belles' at internode-on-net. (Replace the dashes with dots, etc.)

Richard Torrens hosts a mailing list. I receive all posts to it and occasionally get time to read them and respond.